Network Services provides the infrastructure, security, and Internet access in support of the district's instructional and administrative activities. Our goal is to ensure that 4J staff and students can take maximum advantage of the 4JNet network to further the District's instructional mission. Network Services also provides a number of Technology Services and Instructional Applications. Technology Services are available for both instructional and administrative use. Each Instructional Application is designed, installed, and administered specifically for instructional use.

Service Status & Alerts

None at this time

Scheduled or Emergency Maintenance and Outages

Network Scheduled maintenance is planned for the first friday of every month beginning at 5:00 p.m. If there is an emergency or unscheduled maintenance event or a current 4JNet outage, then notification of that event will be listed at 4J Outages.
See the Maintenance Schedule under System Services for the server maintenance schedule.

4J Network Statistices & Tools

News and Information

Using iPads on 4JNet

McAfee Anti-virus/malware Software for District Owned Staff Apple Computers

Status of Current Services

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