Create a New Space and Pages

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For a teacher, a good reason to create a new space is for each of the courses they teach. Within this new space, you can create a page for each lesson you teach, collaborative projects the students are working on, etc. For staff members who are not teachers, a good reason to create a new space is for a project upon which you are working, a topic for which you'd like to add support for other staff members, etc.

How to Create a New Space and Pages:

  • To create a new space, if you are in your Personal Space, in the left column click Add a New Space.

  • If you are in your Dashboard, click the Earth icon that has a plus sign on it.

  • Give your new space a name and if you would like to give it a short version of its name for the space key (this is optional), type it in. The space key must be unique. If you select one that already exists, you will be informed of this and you'll need to come up with a different space key.

  • Select how you would like registered users (those who have logged into the wiki server) and anonymous users (those who don't log into the wiki server) to access this space. You can adjust these settings at a more detailed level after the space is created.

  • Select the Adaptavist Theme and then click the OK button and your new space has been created.

  • You will be taken to your new space and at this point you should know how to add content to your space and set permissions. If you need to refer to the instructions on how to do this, click here.

  • After you have added content to your space, you can create a page for each chapter you will cover or a topic you will cover in your space. To make a page, you can click the Add a New Page link in the left column or pull down the Edit menu, select Add and select Page.... This page will be a sub-page (or child-page) of the space that was appearing in the window when you created this page.

  • You will be taken to a new page. For the title, if you'd like the pages to be listed in the order in which you create them, start this title name with 01. Start the second one with 02. If you don't, they will be listed in alphabetical order in the left column. Add content to this page and click the Save button.

  • If you would like to create more pages, do so. Notice in the left column that the pages you create appear in numeric order if you used the 01, 02, 03, 04, etc. numbering system for starting the titles of the page.

The Next Step:

To learn how to add modules/plugins to pages, click here.