Logging Onto iPortal

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  1. Click this link to get to iPortal: http://iportal.4j.lane.edu/. This link will open in a new tab or new window.

  2. There are two places where you can log into iPortal... in the upper right corner and at middle of the bottom of the window. In either areas, click the login link.

  3. For Username and Password, enter your 4J username (not with @4j.lane.edu) and password. Then click the Login button.

  4. In the left column, under Navigatation, click the arrow to the left of My courses to see the list of your courses. Click the course to which you would like to add information/activities. If you would like to export last year's course and import it into this one click here for instructions on how to export/import.

  5. If you are not importing a course from last year, after you are taken to the course you would like to modify, in the upper right corner, click the Turn editing on button, or in the left column under Settings click the Turn editing on link.

  6. To go to the instructions to modify your course settings, click here.