Create or Edit a Course Summary

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  1. A Course Summary is an area where you describe the course, your policies (grading, classroom behavior/participation, homework, etc.), supplies required for this course and also list important and timely information in the News forum (e.g. when homework is due, when students will take a quiz, test or exam, what supplies are needed for a lab, if/when there will be a field trip, etc.).

  2. Click the course in which you'd like to create a Course Summary.

  3. If under the first section on the course page, the icons in the image below don't appear, in the upper right corner of the window, click the Turn editing on button.

  4. Click this icon to get to the Course Summary area:

  5. General Settings: Instructions for these settings are below the image.

    1. Section name: If you would like to create a name for this section, enter the name in the field to the right of Section name. If you would like to use the default name, make sure the box to the left of Use default section name is checked.

    2. Summary: Enter your course summary in this box. Whatever you enter into this area will appear in the first section of the course.

  6. Restrict access settings: With this section being the description of the course, there is no need to add restrictions to when this section can be accessed by students. We recommend not making any changes to this area.

  7. When you are finished with these settings, click the Save changes button.