Create or Edit a Week/Topic Summary

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  1. A Week or Topic Summary is an area where you can enter a description of what will be taught during this week or topic. You can also include a list of activities the students must finish for this week or topic.

  2. If under the first week or topic, this gear icon doesn't appear, in the upper right corner of the window, click the Turn editing on button.

  3. General Settings: The instructions for these settings are below the image.

    1. Section name: If you would like to use the default section name, Topic 1, keep the box checked to the left of Use default section name. If you would like to create your own section name, enter the name in the field to the right of Section name..
    2. Summary: Enter your section summary in this box. All that you enter into this area will appear at the top of this section. You can enter images, lists, links, etc.

  4. Restrict access: If you would like to restrict access to this topic/week, click the triangle to the left of Restrict access. Instructions for are below the image.

    1. Allow access from: If you plan to have a date when students can start accessing this topic/week, click the box to the left of Enable and enter the date and time when they can get access.

    2. Allow access until: If you plan to have a date when students can no longer access this topic/week, click the box to the left of Enable and enter the date and time when they can no longer access this topic/week.

    3. Grade condition: A Grade Condition is a grade that the student must have achieved on a previous activity in this course before they are allowed to access the Topic or Weekly Section Summary. With the Section Summary not being a graded activity, it is not necessary to set a Grade Condition for students to be able to access the Section Summery. Leave the setting to (none).

    4. User field: You can restrict access based on any field from the users profile. We recommend that this not be set if this student is in your class.

    5. Activity completion condition: If this is the first section of the course, no need to set a restrict here. If it is not the first... this setting determines any activity completion conditions which must be met in order to access the section. Note that completion tracking must first be set before an activity completion condition can be set. Multiple activity completion conditions may be set if desired. If so, access to the section will only be permitted when ALL activity completion conditions are met.

    6. Before section can be accessed: If you left the Grade Condition setting at (none), this setting won't have any affect on how the Section Summary will appear to the students. All of the students will be able to see it. If you selected a Grade Condition, select how you would like this to appear when it is not available to the student... Grayed out with restriction information or Hide the section entirely (the student won't be able to see it and why it is restricted).

  5. When you are finished with these settings, click the Save changes button. Below is an example of a Section Summary. After adding activities to this section, you can continue to add or edit more topic/week sections below this one by going through these instructions again.