Blog Reading Settings

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1. In the Settings menu on the left column of the Dashboard, click Reading.
2. The settings with red boxes around them will be the ones to review and consider changing.

  • Front page displays: If you would like your latest posts to appear on the front blog page, click the first circle. If you have a post that you'd like to appear at all times on the front blog page, click the second circle and choose the item to appear on the Front page and Posts page.

  • Blog pages show at most: Enter the number of posts to be displayed, per page, on your site.

  • Syndication feeds show the most recent: Enter the number of posts people will see when they download one of your site's feeds.

  • For each article in a feed, show: If you want the Full Text to appear in the feed, check that box. If you want just a Summary in the feed, check that box.

  • Search engine visibility: If you don't want your blog to be part of a search engine, check the box next to Discourage search engines from indexing this site.

  • Last Step: After entering all the settings, click the Save Changes button.

3. Click this link: Discussion Settings to go to the next set of instructions.