Working with files on your iPad

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There are two new services available to help you access your 4J files using iPads, iPhones, and other handheld devices. These services are webdisk and dav, and they will be used to help you access and save files you have stored on the files1 file server.

Before you begin working with files on your iPad, please make sure that you login to the files1 file server with you laptop or desktop computer. Over the summer of 2011 we upgraded this service and by logging in you will get the new features installed. Don't skip this step, otherwise the directions below won't work for you!

Now that you've logged into files1, you can follow these directions on

How to View files stored on files1 with your iPad
How to Access iWork files stored on files1.
How to Save iWork files to files1.

The following two sets of directions are very important for student iPad use.

Deleting iWork files on your iPad.
Disconnecting your iPad from files1 in iWorks.

Advanced File Access Methods

There are situations where you will need to use multiple access methods to work on a file. Here are a couple examples of when you would want to do this.

You have created a file on your laptop and saved it to files1. You now want to edit this file with iWork on your iPad. However iWorks can only access files in your ifolder on files1 and this file is saved in a different location on files1.
You need to move the file from its current location into your ifolder.

The opposite scenario also exists. You've created a file with iWork on your iPad and saved this file to files1. Now using your iPad you want to publish this document on your 4J personal website.
You need to move the file from your ifolder location to your public_html folder.