Create an Interactive Lesson

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An "Interactive Lesson" is a lesson you put together on iPortal that presents and explains new concepts, topics, terms and skills to students. You can do this by creating pages where each page presents a new concept, topic, term and/or skill. After students go through this page, you can create pages that ask students questions or have them solve problems to determine if they have learned everything you taught them.

Below are instructions on how to create an interactive lesson.

  1. Log into iPortal (this will open in a separate tab or window, so you can follow these instructions).

  2. Click the course for which you'd like to create an interactive lesson.

  3. Turn editing on by clicking the button in the upper right corner of this window.

  4. Go to the week or topic section where you would like to create an interactive lesson, pull down the Add an activity or resource link.

  5. Click the circle to the left of Lesson and click the Add button.

  6. Click here for lesson settings instructions (this will open in another tab or window).

  7. Click here for instructions on How to Create All the Pages in Your Lesson (this will open in another tab or window).

  8. When you are finished creating all of your lesson pages, if there are lesson settings that you need to update (Minimum number of questions, dates the lesson will be available, Outcomes, if you would like to make this lesson visible or not visible), make sure Editing is turned on for this course and then click the Update icon and update these settings.