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  1. About GO Solve
  2. GO Solve Licensing
  3. Instructions

About GO Solve:

GO Solve is a math application that teaches students to recognize mathematical situations in word problems, comprehend problems with the aid of graphic organizers, and plan solutions with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and advanced multiplication and division. This application is intended to be used by students in 3rd through 6th grade, who are at their grade level of math. It is also intended to be used by those in 7th and 8th grade who need intervention. All of the data for students who use this application is saved on a server down at the Ed Center and backed up every night.

A graphic organizer helps students have a visual concept of how to solve a word problem. Here is an example...

Erin and Sean's main chore each week is to wash the dishes after dinner each night. Each week has 7 nights. This week, Sean did the dishes on four nights. How many nights did Erin do the dishes?

GO Solve Licensing:

The licenses for GO Solve don't limit the number of students who can use GO Solve, it limits the number of computers upon which you can install the software.


  1. How to Log Into GO Solve
  2. How to Create a GO Solve Class
  3. How to Add and Remove Students To/From a GO Solve Class
  4. How to Access the GO Solve Teacher's Guide
  5. How to Access the GO Solve Message Center
  6. How to Create GO Solve Certificates