How to Create a GO Solve Class

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  1. Pull down the Utilities menu and select Manage Class Lists....

  2. Make sure the Classes tab is selected. Then click the Add button.

  3. Under Class Name: enter a name for your class.

  4. Under All Students, click one of the students in your class, then click the Add button. Go through the whole list and find all your students, click each student's name and click the Add button to add them to the class.

  5. When you have added all the students, in the upper right corner, click the calendar to the right of Class End Date:. Select the year, month and date this class will end this school year. After choosing the date that the class will end, click anywhere on that window and the calendar will close.

  6. If you have one or more teachers or instructional assistants to add to this class, who will help manage through the GO Solve Teacher Utility, click the Teachers in this class tab.

  7. Under Add Teachers:, select a staff member and click the Add button. If the staff member is not on the list, send an email to with this person's name and tell us that this staff member needs to be added to the GO Solve teacher list.

  8. Once all the students and teachers/instructional assistants have been added, click the Done button in the lower right corner.

  9. When you return to the Class management window, if you would like to create another new class, go through the same process. If you are finished creating classes, click the Done button in the bottom right corner.

  10. Click here to go to instructions on how to add and removed students from a class.