How to Access the GO Solve Teacher's Guide

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The GO Solve Teacher's Guide covers these topics:

  • An Overview of GO Solve Word Problems
  • Implementing the Program:
    • Who Should Use GO Solve Word Problems
    • When Should the Program Be Used
    • How Should the Program Be Used
    • Meeting the Needs of Different Learners
  • Software Features:
    • Getting Started
    • Student Use
    • Teacher Utilities
    • Technical Support
    • Print Resources to Extend the Program
  • Reports Guide
    • Summary of Available Reports
    • Student Reports
    • Class Reports
    • Additional Reports
  • Research Foundation for GO Solve Word Problems

How to Access the GO Solve Teacher's Guide:

  1. Pull down the Help menu and select Open Teacher's Guide PDF.

  2. This document will appear. Read through the parts of the guide that interest you...

  3. When you are finished reading the Teacher's Guide, note that it is saved on your computer... most likely in the Downloads folder or the Desktop (or wherever you have told your browser to save downloaded files). The next time you'd like to read the Teacher's Guide, find this file, TeachersGuide.pdf, on your computer.

  4. Click here for instructions on how to access the Message Center.