How to Access the GO Solve Message Center

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The GO Solve Message Center includes messages about students who have successfully completed some of their GO Solve lessons and alerts regarding students who have not successfully completed their GO Solve lessons. If you have made any student groups within your class, there may also be some messages regarding Group Usage.

How to Access the GO Solve Message Center:

  1. In your class list, if you have more than one class, click the class for which you'd like to access the GO Solve Message Center.

  2. Click the Message Center tab.

  3. Check to see if any of these areas have messages. If you plan on creating a certificate for this/these students, make note of the New Milestones text. This will indicate what kind of certificate to generate.

  4. Click the red triangle to the left of the area that has messages to view them.

  5. To view the report on how this student performed, click the Go button on the right.

  6. A report will appear showing how well this student performed. If you plan on creating a certificate for this student to acknowledge their performance, write down their level of performance and the areas in which they performed this well. For example, Cosmo Hinsman: Excellent at Equal Parts, Part-and-Total, Change and Comparison +-.

  7. Click here for instructions on how to create certificates.