How to Create GO Solve Certificates

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  1. In your CLASS LIST, select the class that includes the student(s) for which you'd like to create certificates. Then select the student's name.

  2. Click the Resources tab.

  3. Based on the title of the message(s) you received for this student (e.g. New Milestones), select the certificate that fits the title of the message(s).

  4. Then click the Generate Certificate button.

  5. This window will appear. Click OK, but it won't print right now.

  6. The certificate will appear. To print or save this certificate as a PDF file, click the Print button.

  7. If you'd like to print this certificate, click the Print button. If you'd like to save it as a PDF file, click the PDF button and select Save as PDF....

  8. If you selected Save as PDF..., give the file a name, select where you'd like to save this file and click the Save button.

  9. Go through the same steps to generate certificates for other students, if needed.