Add or Change Section Names

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Add or Change Section Names:

  1. In a section (either the course summary at the top of the list, a week or topic area) there can be a Section Name added if it doesn't exist, or if the default section name exists and you'd like to change it, you can. Below is a Section Name that has been added to the course summary area. For course summary areas, there is not default section name. For a Topic or Week area, the section name will be Topic # or Week #, with # replaced with the number of the topic or week.

  2. To add or change a section heading, make sure editing is turned on then click the Edit summary at the bottom of the section.

  3. For the first topic/week section, if you have the Use default section name box checked, there won't be a default section name displayed. If you would like to have a section name at the top of this section, uncheck the Use default section name box and enter the section name in the Section name field. At the bottom of this page, click the Save changes button.

  4. Do this for each section for which you'd like to modify the section heading.