Create Groupings and Student Groups for a Course

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Create Groupings and Student Groups for a Course:

Below are descriptions of Groupings and Groups. For the instructions on how to create Groupings and Groups, click the title of each of these descriptions.

  1. Add Groupings: A Grouping is a set of student Groups for a specific activity or a set of activities. For example, if you have group projects in your course, where the same groups of students will work together throughout the term/semester/year, you can create a grouping with a name of Projects Groups. If the groups of students will change for each group project, you can create groupings with names of: Project 01 Groups, Project 02 Groups, etc. If you have the same students working together in each science lab, you can create a grouping with the name of Lab Groups. If the students change groups from lab to lab, you can create groupings with the names of: Lab 01 Groups, Lab 02 Groups, etc.

  2. Add Groups: A Group is a set of students who work together on group projects or other activities (e.g. science labs). If you are going to create groups for Group Projects, you can title the groups something like Project Group 01, Project Group 02, etc. or Project 01 Group 01, Project 01 Group 02, etc. For labs... Lab Group 01, Lab Group 02, etc. or Lab 01 Group 01, Lab 01 Group 02, etc.

  3. Add Groups to Groupings

How to Create Groupings

  1. Go to the course for which you'd like to create Groupings and student Groups.

  2. In the left column in the Administration block, click the triangle to the left of Users and click the Groups link.

  3. Click the Groupings tab, then click the Create grouping button.

  4. General Settings: Instructions for these settings are below the image.

    1. Grouping name: Enter the name of this grouping here.
    2. Description: If you would like to enter a description and/or an image for this grouping, enter it in this editing box.
    3. Click the Save changes button.

  5. You are now finished creating the Grouping. If you would like to create other Groupings, go through these instructions again to create them. If not, go to the instructions below to create Groups.

How to Create Groups

  1. Click the Groups tab at the top of the window. Then click the Create group button.

  2. General Settings: Instructions for these settings are below the image.

    1. Group name: Enter a name for this group of students.
    2. Group description: If you would like to enter a description for this group, do it here.
    3. Enrolment key: To limit the students who can enroll in this group, enter a password in this field. The reason "enrolment" is spelled with one "l" is because the Moodle server comes from Australia where they spell using British English.
    4. Hide picture: If you enter a picture below to identify this group, you can opt to hide the picture by selecting Yes, or display it by selecting No.
    5. New picture: You can either drag and drop the image for this group into the Drag and Drop box, or click the Browse button and upload the image.
    6. When you are finished with these settings, click the Save changes button.

  3. You will return to this page, showing that you now have one group. If you would like to select students that will be in this group, click the group and click the Add/remove users button. If students haven't been enrolled yet in this course, there won't be a list of students to add yet. If so, wait until students have been enrolled in your class and then add them to this group. If you would like the students to decide with whom they would like to work in a group, don't add students to this group until they have decided who will work together in groups. If you would like to have access to all the groups, to make sure the students aren't doing anything inappropriate in the group, you can add your name to each group.

  4. If students are on the list, select their names in the Potential members column by holding down the Command key. When all the students for this group have been highlighted, click the Add button, then click the Back to groups button.

  5. If you plan to add several student groups, go through these instructions to add more groups and students to the groups.

Add Groups to Groupings

  1. Click the Groupings tab.

  2. To the right of the Grouping to which you'd like to add Groups, click the Show groups in grouping icon.

  3. In the Potential members column, hold down the Command key and click the groups you'd like to add to this Grouping. Then click the Add button. Then click the Back to grouping button.

  4. If you have groups to add to other groupings, repeat this process to add the groups.