Create a Checklist for Students

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A Checklist is a list of activities students need to complete before moving on to the next activity, topic or week section. This will help students make sure they have a complete grade, rather than an incomplete grade, which can lead them to not passing the course.

Instructions for Creating a Checklist:

  1. Create a Checklist for Students
  2. Edit the Checklist

Create a Checklist for Students:

  1. In iPortal, select the course in which you would like to create a Checklist.

  2. In the upper right corner of this course window, click the Turn editing on button.

  3. In this course, go to the topic or week where you would like to create the Checklist.

  4. In the lower right corner of this section, click the Add an activity or resource link.

  5. When this list appears, click Checklist and click the Add button..

  6. General Settings: Instructions are below the image.

    • Checklist: Enter the title of the Checklist here.
    • Introduction: Enter a description of the Checklist in the Introduction box.
    • Display description on course page: If you want what you entered in the Introduction box to appear on the course page, check this box. If not, don't check it. It will appear on the checklist page.

  7. Settings: Before entering these settings, click the Show more... link at the bottom of this list of settings. Instructions for these settings are below the Settings image.

    • User can add their own items: If you select Yes, students will be able to add items to this Checklist. If you select No, they won't be able to add any items to this Checklist.
    • Updates by: If you select Student only, only the student can update their completed list. If you select Teacher only, only the teacher can update their completed list. If you select Student and teacher, both student and teacher can updated the student's completed list.
    • Add due dates to calendar: If you would like due dates to be added to the calendar, the date by which you expect all of your students to complete this list, select Yes. If not, select No.
    • Teachers can add comments: If a student accidentally checked a box that s/he thought they completed, by selecting Yes, a teacher can inform the student that they made a mistake, or leave other comments. If you select No, a teacher can't leave a comment.
    • Maximum grade: If you plan on grading students on checking all of the items on this Checklist, enter the maximum grade they can receive. If not, set it to 0.
    • Email when checklist is complete: If you would like students to be to be notified via email when they complete the checklist, select Student only. If you would like the teacher to be notified, select Teacher only. If you would like students and the teacher to be notified, select Student and teacher. If you don't want any notifications, select No.
    • Show course modules in checklist: This will automatically add a list of all the resources and activities in the current course into the checklist. This list will be updated with any changes in the course, whenever you visit the 'Edit' page for the checklist. Items can be hidden from the list, by clicking on the 'hide' icon beside them. To remove the automatic items from the list, which will allow you to add items to the checklist, change this option back to 'No', then click on 'Remove course module items' on the 'Edit' page.
    • Check-off when modules complete: This will automatically check-off items in the checklist when a user completes the relevant activity in the course. Completing an activity varies from one activity to another - view a resource, submit a quiz or assignment, post to a forum or join in with a chat, etc. Note: it can take up to 60 seconds for a student's activity to be reflected in their checklist.
    • Lock teacher marks: If you select Yes, once a teacher has saved a 'Yes' mark, they will be unable to change it. Users with the capability 'mod/checklist:updatelocked' will still be able to change the mark.

  8. Common Module Settings: Instructions are below the image.

    • Visible: If you would like this Checklist to be visible to students and groups, select Show. If you select Hide, this Checklist will not be visible or available to students or groups.
    • ID number: If you plan to grade students for their completion of this Checklist, setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activity for grade calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field may be left blank. The ID number can also be set in the gradebook, though it can only be edited on the activity settings page.
    • Group mode: Select the group mode. There are three options:
      • No groups - There are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community.
      • Separate groups - Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible.
      • Visible groups - Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other groups.
    • Grouping: If you chose Separate or Visible groups, select the grouping in this list that are the groups that will be participating in these activities. If you selected No groups, None is automatically selected.

  9. Restrict Access Settings: Instructions are below the image.

    • Allow access from: If you plan on limiting the time when students can access this Checklist, check the Enable box and enter the date and time when they can start accessing it.
    • Allow access until: If you plan on limiting the time when students can access this Checklist, check the Enable box and enter the date and time to which they accessing it.
    • Grade condition: If you plan to have a grade limit to access this Checklist, select the grading area that will limit their access and enter the range of grades students must have in this area to access the Checklist.
    • User field: You can restrict access based on any field from the users profile.
    • Activity completion condition: If you plan to limit students' access to this Checklist based on what activities they have completed, select the activity from the drop down list and select the level of completion/grade in the drop down menu to the right. You can add additional activities by clicking the Add 2 activity conditions to form button.
    • While access if prevented: If you have limited access to this Checklist, select how this activity will be hidden. If you select Show this activity greyed-out, with restriction information, the student will be able to see this activity greyed-out, but will not be able to access it and will be aware of why they can't access it by being able to see the restriction information. If you select Hide activity entirely, students won't be able to see this activity if they are restricted from participating in it.

  10. Activity Completion Settings: Instructions are below the image.

    • Completion tracking: If enabled, activity completion is tracked, either manually or automatically, based on certain conditions. Multiple conditions may be set if desired. If so, the activity will only be considered complete when ALL conditions are met. The conditions for completion are set below.
    • Require grade: If this Checklist requires a grade to be complete, check this box. If not, leave it blank.
    • Required checked-off: If all or a percentage of the items on this Checklist must be completed for this activity to be completed, check the box and enter the percentage of items that must be completed for this activity to be complete.
    • Expected completion on: If you have a date by which this activity should be complete, enter the date and check the Enable box.

  11. When you have entered all the settings, click the Save and display button and go to the instructions below on how to edit the Checklist.

Edit the Checklist:

  1. After clicking the Save and display button, if you the setting for Show course modules in checklist is Current section, a list of all of the activities in this section will appear:

    If you selected Whole course, a list of all of the activities you have added to the course will appear in each topic/week section.

  2. If you selected No, nothing will appear on the list, only the Add field/button, Import items link and Export items link will appear.

  3. To edit the checklist, click the Edit checklist tab.

  4. If you selected No, click in the Add field (not the button) and a list will appear of the activities in your course. Select an item you would like to add to this checklist and click the Add button. Go through this step until all of the items you'd like on this checklist have been added.

  5. If you selected Current section or Whole course a list of activities will appear. To hide an activity or section from the Checklist, to the right of the item, click the open eye icon and this item won't appear on the list.

  6. If you would like to change the text color of a section title or activity, click the red box icon and it will change the color of the text with each click. Once you find the color you'd like, don't click the red box again. If you'd like all the text to be the same color, click the red box to the right of each item to change it to the same color.

  7. If there are activities part of this topic or week that are not included in this section, you can add it to the list (e.g. an in class quiz or test). To add an item after one of the items listed, look to the right of the item below which you'd like to add this item and click the green dot with the white + sign.

  8. Type in the name of the activity and click the Add button.

  9. When you click the Add button, another opportunity will appear to add another item to the checklist. If what you added was all you need to add, click the Cancel button and this option will disappear. If you need to add more, enter the checklist item and click the Add button.

  10. For the item you added to this list, if you would like to change the text color, click the red box. If you would like to edit the text, click the gear icon. If you would like to change the location of this item, click the up, down, or right arrow. To delete this, click the X icon.

  11. When you are finished hiding and adding items on this list, click the Preview tab and you will see the updated Checklist.

  12. If this Checklist is complete, you are now finished creating this Checklist.