How to Create a Blog Post

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  1. In the menu bar above the Dashboard, click the + New menu. A list of items will appear below. Click Post.

  2. Enter a title for this Post in the field below Add New Post.

  3. Enter the content of the post in this box. You can format the content in many ways by using the formatting buttons above this box.

  4. If you would like to add Media to the page, above the content area, click the Add Media button.

  5. If the media you'd like to include on this page hasn't been uploaded to your blog server, click Upload files under Insert Media. You have two options to upload media files: You can drag and drop the media file(s) to this window, or you can click the Select Files button and browse your computer and select the media file(s) you'd like to upload. When you have uploaded the file(s), it will take you to the Media Library with each item that you uploaded checked. If there are files that are checked that you don't want included on your post, click them and they will be unchecked. If there are files you'd like to include in your post that have not been checked, click them and they will be checked. To check more than one media file, hold down the Command key. When all of the files you'd like included in this post are checked, click the Insert into page button.

  6. If the media files you would like to insert in your post are already uploaded into the Media Library, click Media Library under Insert Media. If there is more than one media file you'd like to include, hold down the Command key and click the files you'd like to include. When all of the files have been checked, click the Insert into page button.

  7. After you have created your entire post, to the right of the editing box, click the Preview button to make sure the post looks the way you want it to look. If it doesn't, edit it again, preview it again until the post looks the way you want it to look on your blog. Once it looks the way you want it to look, click the Publish button.

  8. Click here for instructions on how to edit or delete a blog post.