Create a Survey For Students

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This is an optional activity to add. If you would like to get feedback from your students on how the instruction, activities and their learning went in the topic or weekly section or the whole course, you can add a survey to the activity list for students to complete. Below are instructions on how to add a survey. Be aware that when you add a survey, there isn't an option to add your own questions for the survey. The questions already exist based on the type of survey you select.

How to Create a Survey for Students

  1. Select the course in which you would like to add a survey.

  2. In the upper right corner of the course, click the Turn editing on button.

  3. Go to the topic or week section where you would like to add a Survey. Click the Add an activity or resource link in the bottom right corner of the section.

  4. Click the Survey dot and click the Add button.

  5. General Settings: Instructions are below this image.

    1. Name: Enter the name of the survey.
    2. Survey type: There are descriptions and images of the surveys below. Review these surveys and choose the one you'd like to create.

      • ATTLS: Attitudes to Thinking and Learning Survey (ATTLS) - For measuring the extent to which a person is a 'connected knower' (tends to find learning more enjoyable, and is often more cooperative, congenial and more willing to build on the ideas of others) or a 'separate knower' (tends to take a more critical and argumentative stance to learning).

      • Critical incidents:

      • COLLES: Constructivist On-line Learning Environment Survey (COLLES) - For monitoring the extent to which the interactive capacity of the World Wide Web may be exploited for engaging students in dynamic learning practices.

      • Actual

        Preferred and Actual


    3. Description: If you have a specific set of lessons, activities, etc. for which you'd like the students to consider when taking this survey, or some other description of this survey, enter it in this box.
    4. Display description on course page: If you want the description to appear on the course page, check this box. If not, don't check this box.

  6. Common Module Settings: Instructions are below the image.

    1. Visible: If you select Show, thisSurvey will be visible to all of the students in this course. If you select Hide, none of the students will be able to see or access this Glossary.
    2. ID Number: Setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activity for grade calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field may be left blank. The ID number can also be set in the gradebook, though it can only be edited on the activity settings page.
    3. Group mode: This setting has 3 options: No groups - There are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community. Separate groups - Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible. Visible groups - Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other groups. The group mode defined at course level is the default mode for all activities within the course. Each activity that supports groups can also define its own group mode, though if the group mode is forced at course level, the group mode setting for each activity is ignored.
    4. Grouping: If you chose Separate or Visible groups, select the grouping.

  7. Restrict Access Settings: Instructions are below this image.

    1. Allow access from: If you want to restrict access to this survey beginning on a specific date and time, check the Enable box and enter the date and time when students can access this survey.
    2. Allow access to: If you want to restrict access to this survey ending on a specific date and time, check the Enable box and enter the date and time when students can no longer access this survey.
    3. Grade condition: If you have one or more requirements for students to achieve before being able to access this survey, enter the requirements. You can add additional requirements by clicking the Add 2 grade conditions to form button.
    4. User field: You can restrict access based on any field from the users profile.
    5. Activity completion condition: If there are activities that students need to complete before having access to this survey, select the activity and the requirement that they need to meet. You can add additional requirements by clicking the Add 2 activity conditions to form button.
    6. While access is prevented: If you select restricktions Show activity greyed-out with activity restriction, students will see this survey gray and why they can't access it. If you select Hide the activity entirely in the course and gradebook, students who haven't met the restrictions to access this survey will not see it in the course or grade book.

  8. Activity Completion Settings: Instructions are below this image.

    1. Completion: If it is required that all students complete this survey, select either Students can manually mark the activity as completed or Show activity as complete when conditions are met.
    2. Require view: If you selected Show activity as complete when conditions are met, check this box.
    3. Expected completion on: If you have a date by when students must complete this survey, check the Enable box and enter the date.

  9. Click the Save and display button to see how the survey will appear for the students.