Printing - Windows 7

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Adding Network Printers - Windows 7

Click on the Start button, then click Devices and Printers
Towards the top, click on Add a printer

Select Add a local printer
Click Next

Select Create a new port
Select Standard TCP/IP Port for the Type of port
Click Next

In Hostname or IP Address, enter the DNS Name of your printer.

**Do not enter the one in the illustration as it is just an example and do not enter the IP address. The school’s Technology Support Specialist should have the address physically labeled on the printer. If not, please check with the person who provides your technical support to obtain the correct DNS Name**.
Click Next

Select the Manufacturer and the printer model, in the Printers window
Click Next

In the Printer name field, enter a name that will help you easily identify this printer in the future. Usually, it should be named for the room where it is located, such as “Room 25” or “Computer Lab,” for example.
Click Next

If this printer is not going to be the default printer, un-check the box Set as the default printer
Otherwise, leave it checked
If you would like to test the connection to the printer, click the Print a test page button at the bottom of the window
Click Finish

The printer will now show in the Devices and Printers window and should be ready to use.